JUX Background Video is an innovative full screen background video module for Joomla 3.x.

JUX Background Video will make your site’s viewers be amazed with the full  screen videos playing on your site. It allows you to easily add fit-to-fill incorporating background videos to your website. People come to your site will just enjoy what you have with comfort.

The module is very flexible in stretching your videos to fill the screen and makes it harmonize with your site’s content. Also, you can set the default volume or play silent ambient background video. You can upload, preview, delete and order videos by dragging and dropping too. Customizing CSS to background videos supported.

Get ready to reach your customers and increase their engagement with your site by the help of JUX Background Video.

Key features:


2.1.  Frontend

Frontend FullScreen style



Frontend Ponsition Style 




2.2.         Backend





Server Requirements

Our extension has several system requirements as follow:

You have to ensure that your system has already installed, XML and Zlib-Support built into your PHP.

PHP should be compiled with support for https (openSSL) and cURL.

PHP Safe Mode should be turned off.

Client Requirements

As said on the feature list, this module work with major browsers but there are some requirement.


4.1. Download

After purchased our product, you’ll see the download link at JUX Background video product page: http://www.joomlaux.com/download.html 

Note: If there is any problem, Please contact us via Suport: http://www.joomlaux.com/support/contact-us.html

4.2.  Package

The installation package that you downloaded to your computer. You we’ll see these files:




4.3. Installation

Go to Administrator site => “Extension” => “Extension Manager” in the Top Menu.

In “Upload Package File” block, please Upload & Install our extension:

Browse the JUX Background Video folder, select mod_jux_background_video.zip then choose Upload and install.

Figure 1: Extension Manager


You can choose background video style: Full screen or Module position. 

NOTE 1: If You choose Full Screen for Background video, Please select Position for it

NOTE 2: If you choose module position,why jux background video not working at module position: Our module will auto find ID of position as attached image. So if position you want to display background don't have ID you can add it in template file!.
Please view image:

Configure in tab Module

Figure 2: Tab module


Background Mode

Using full screen background or assign a module position


Select 1 in 3 Overlay styles for JUX background Video: None, Pattern, color


Select Pattern (NOTE: just use it when You choose Overlay style: pattern)

Overlay Color

Choose Overlay color (NOTE: just use when You choose Overlay style: color)

Overlay Opacity

Can enter value for Overlay opacity (NOTE: Value of Overlay Opacity: 0 ->1)

Background Image

Background image for device that not support background video.


You can upload, delete or dragging and dropping to order videos.

NOTE:  Video will be add from YouTube

Figure 3: Tab Video Playlist


Video Source

Choose one source for your playlist

Playlist video ID

Can add or delete all Playlist video from YouTube


Guide upload video:


Late you copy “azV0Y7v6wsg” paste on “Video ID” as image the following:


You can set Auto play, color, Volume, quality….for video controls

Figure 4: Tab Video controls

Auto play

Choose Yes if you want the video auto play. If you choose No the background will display as an image.

Show Control Bar

Show(Auto- Hide)/Hide the controls bar

Control Bar Color

Set the background color of the control bar

Progress Bar Color

Set the background color of the progress bar


Can choose to play silent ambient background video


Set the volume to the supplied percent default is 50(%)


YouTube video quality

Shuffle Videos

Enable/Disable shuffle videos


Show/Hide play list video



This section provides extended options for you to configure JUX Background Video.

Figure 5: Tab Advanced Options

Wrapper Element

Background will be transparent to this element (For example: body, #container…)

Custom Css

Custom CSS template.

Enable jQuery

On/Off jQuery loader. Turn it off if your site already has jQuery loaded.

Enable noConfict

On/Off noConflict. Turn it on to prevent conflict with Joomla’s Mootools.


Eg for Custom Css:

‚Äč.body .container,.footer{

background: none; }


color: #ffffff