JUX Gallery

1.1.         What is JUX Gallery

JUX Gallery is an exceptional responsive Joomla gallery component to present neat & beautiful gallery on your site.

Have you seen how Google Images handles their images in result page after you type a keyword in search box? JUX Gallery works in the similar way! JUX Gallery user the power of jQuery to display your images in logic and well-ordered rows, no matter what image’s sizes are. In other words, the extension automatically aligns your thumbnails into a justified grid using jQuery. And it’s responsive!

That’s not even the best thing about JUX Gallery. The unique feature that makes JUX Gallery standout lies in its administrator section. Controlling JUX Gallery in backend is just a breeze – we made it very easy to use and configure in backend so website’s admin task will be minimized. You can control JUX Gallery in only one view – means that all actions can be done within only one page without reloading page. All settings & configurations like changing album’s order, arranging images…can be easily done by dragging and dropping items here and there.

NOTE: You only use one JUX Gallery on one Page, If you use two or more.It will error

1.2.         Features

2.1.         Frontend

Screen_frontend Screen_frontend Screen_frontend

Screen_frontend Screen_frontend

2.2.         Backend

Screen_backend Screen_backend Screen_backend


3.1.         Server Requirements

Our extension has several system requirements as follow:

You have to ensure that your system has already installed, XML and Zlib-Support built into your PHP.

PHP should be compiled with support for https (openSSL) and cURL.

PHP Safe Mode should be turned off.

3.2.         Client Requirements

This module can run well on major browsers such as: Internet Explorer (version 10+), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. 

4.1.  Download

After purchasing our product, you’ll see the download link at JUX Gallery product page: http://www.joomlaux.com/download.html

Note: If there is any problem, please contact us via Support : http://www.joomlaux.com/support/contact-us.html


4.2.  Package

The installation package that you downloaded to your computer. You’ll see these files:

Package File


4.3.  Installation

Go to Administrator site / “Extensions”/ Extension Manager in the Top menu.

In “upload package file” block, please upload & install our extensions:

Browse the JUX Gallery folder, select pkg_jux__gallery.zip then choose upload and install

Figure 1: Extension Manager


4.4.         Language Installation

JUX Gallery 1.0’s interface can be switched to different languages. Default language is English. To make JUX Gallery 1.0 able to run with different languages, please follow these steps:

Note: Sometimes you need to change encoding type of language file to “UTF8 without Bom” (you can use notepad++ to change encoding type of the file).

If you want to change backend language, do the same with language in “administrator” folder.


The configuration Panel is the most important of JUX Gallery. You can access Configuration Panel by clicking on link “Option” in all views of Component,

Note that the Configuration Panel can be accessed by Users with Permissions “admin” only (by default)

Late click Option, You will see configuration the below:

Figure 2: configuration Panel


Frontend template

Choose template to use for this component.

jQuery library handling

Remote copies of jQuery & jQuery UI and loaded over Google’ CDN and it’s the default option.

jQuery library loading

On/Off jQuery

jQuery NO conflict loading 

On/Off jQuery No conflict l

Upload Path

The files location for your images.

Allow Extensions

Allow Images type upload.

Max File Size (MB)

The maximum file size (in MB)



Albums are subjects that items will be added to it. List Album will showed in the left sidebar.

Please click List Album Button to show Main View.

Figure 3: Main View


Click Add button (cross icon) on the right side of List Album button to create a new album and enter title for it.

Figure 4: Create New Album

Click Config button on the right side of Album button to edit an album

Figure 5: Edit Album

You can drag & drop Album Button to change order 

Figure 6: Change Order Album

You can Drag Album to Recycle Bin

Figure 7: Detele Album


Figure 8: List Item View

There are 2 ways to upload items for each album:

Method 1: Use add image button then select files to upload

Figure 9: Upload Item

Method 2: Drag and drop any image in your folder to view items

You can edit title, link and description for Items

Figure 10: Can Edit and Delete Item


Late click edit button you will see where can enter title, link and description for Item.

Figure 11: Edit Item

You can Drag and drop image to change’s order

Figure 12: Change Image’s order

Figure 13: Delete Items



Click here to show option define

Step1: Click to show frontend view manage

Figure 14: view Manage

Step 2:

Figure 15: configure for menu Item

Figure 16 a: configure for Tab module



Select Albums for showing in Gallery

JUX Gallery Style

Select Style Album you want

Description Max char

Please insert description max char

Loading Effect

Please select JUX Gallery loading Effect

Hover Effect

Please select JUX Gallery loading Effect



Row Height

The height of each row in gallery


Input margins of gallery

Justify last row

Justify last row

Fixed Height

Select to options for fixed height of row

jQuery Library handing

Remove copies of jQuery & jQuery UI are loaded over Goole’s CDN and it’s the default option.

jQuery library loading

On/Off jQuery library handling

jQuery NO conflict loading

On/Off jQuery NO Conflict

Step 1: Enable plugin Content – JUX Gallery


Figure 17: Plugin of JUX Gallery

Step 2:

Step3: Select displays album

Click on albums that you want them display in article, or click again to cancel selecting, the system will automatically generate syntax for you.

Step 4: Copy syntax and paste to article


You can view frontend of JUX Gallery as below:

Figure 18: Album Box type

Figure 19: Detail of Album Box

Figure 20: Album Button Type

Figure 21:  Detail of Album Button 

Figure 22:  Inside Article