JUX Horizontal Accordion Slider

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What is JUX Horizontal Accordion Slider?
JUX Horizontal Accordion Slider is a module used to display images in accordion style. This is an excellent accordion slide from JoomSeller. Why? You can use this module to presence your gallery with Title, Caption and Description. Besides, this module allows you to use multiple links inside a slide or use the whole slide as a link.
Especially, Slide Horizontal Accordion is responsive and totally flexible. You can play the slide on mobile devices like tablet, smartphones and on any browser. With Slide Horizontal Accordion you can easily change the displaying interface to suit with your site’s design through 4 themes: Horizontal Accordion Default, Horizontal Accordion With Button, Horizontal Accordion With Control Panel, Horizontal Accordion With Title.
JUX Horizontal Accordion Slider will surely satisfy your need & can bring to your site a fascinating and unique element.

Server Requirements

JUX Horizontal Accordion Slider has the following System Requirements:

You must ensure that you have MySQL-, XML- and Zlib-Support built into your PHP. PHP should be compiled with support for https (open SSL) and URL!

PHP Safe Mode should be turned off.

Client Requirements

JUX Horizontal Accordion Slider can be used with most major browsers including: Internet Explorer (version 8+), Firefox, Chrome, Opera 9+ and Safari. JavaScript should be enabled.

The client/browser needs to be capable of accepting Cookies and Cookies must be enabled.

Install component

Basic Options

Select Theme

Support 4 themes:

  • Horizontal Accordion Default: Default theme for Slide
  • Horizontal Accordion With Button: Support additional buttons for slide (Next or Prev)
  • Horizontal Accordion With Control Panel: Display control panel
  • Horizontal Accordion With Title: Support better display for Title

Auto play

Select Yes/No to automatically play slides or not.

Interval time (ms)

This option is only available when you select YES for Auto play. You can specify the number of milliseconds for each slide.

Pause On Hover

Autoplay is paused when cursor enters accordion's direct slide.

Keyboard Navigation

Enables / Disables using of arrow keys to control the active accordion.


Space (in pixels) between each slide.

Slides Gallery

Select Folder: Select folder to gallery display images in folder and can upload, delete or drag & drop to order images for slider.

Option: With each slide, you have the same options. They are:

  • Title: Input Slide’s Title. Title is the text displayed when slide is closed. Default style is H1.
  • Caption: Input Slide’s Caption. Caption will be shown when slide is open.
  • Caption Size: Font’s size of caption with option: H1, H2, H3.
  • Caption Top: Caption’s position from top.
  • Caption Left: Caption’s position from left.
  • URL: URL address for Image or Caption.
  • URL Display: Select where to link (none, image or caption).
  • Description: General information of Slide. You can easily use HTML tags such as: <a>, <i>, <br>… For example: Description of Slide. Visit JoomlaUX: <a href=’http://jooseller.com/’> JoomlaUX.com<a><br><p> Thank you!</p>

Advanced Options

This section provides extended options for you to configure slide.