What is JUX Timeline module ?

The module allows you can show your company’s timeline or resume on a vertical line. You can add any time frame to the timeline easily.





3.1.  Sever Requirements

Jux Timeline has several system requirements as follow:

You have to ensure that your system has already installed, XML and Zlib-Support built into your PHP.

PHP should be compiled with support for https (openSSL) and cURL.

PHP Safe Mode should be turned off.

3.2.  Client Requirements

This module can run well on major browsers such as: Internet Explorer (version 10+), Firefox, Chrome, Opera 9+, and Safari.

3.1.         Download

After purchasing our product, you’ll see the download link at Jux Timeline product page http://www.joomlaux.com/download.html

NOTE: if there is any problem, please contact us via support http://www.joomlaux.com/support/contact-us.html

3.2.         Package

The installation package that you downloaded to your computer. You’ll see these files:



3.3.         Installation

Figure 1: Extension Manager

You can create new Time line and choose display for it very easy.


Figure2: configure for timeline




The display type of the timeline module show when first load, Set “Default” to expand the top timeline, set “Expand” to expand all timeline information or “Collapse” to collapse all.

Time Line Data

Please use the “New” button to add new timeline data, use “Remove” button to delete a timeline. Drag/Drop the box to re-order the timeline. Each timeline has a time Frame, timeline title and timeline details information


You can view frontend of jux timeline module this below:

Figure 3: Display timeline follow Collapse type




Figure 4: Display timeline follow Expan type