JUX Background Slider

JUX Background Slider is a beautiful, easy-to-use and fullscreen background slider module for Joomla 3.x.

JUX Background Slider brings your site’s visitors a brand new and fancy experience with full-page images running with multiple effects. The slider enable you to easily display your image gallery with many animation effects: fade, slide in from top, bottom, right or left, or carousel…

Plus, the slider features fullscreen images in various modes & custom thumbnails. It can dynamically play with any image’s sizes, and you can freely choose “resize mode” for your images. For admin, you can configure the slider with many options. You can upload, preview, delete and order images by dragging and dropping from parameter. You can add list music for your slider, can choose overlay type and enter value overlay opacity for background slider. Besides, you can customize CSS to background images.

Your site will surely stand out from the crowd with JUX Background Slider. Check out the detailed feature list below.

Key features


2.1. Frontend

Overlay for Kenburns Effect type


Fade effect type



2.2. Backend




3.1      Server Requirements

Our extension has several system requirements as follow:

You have to ensure that your system has already installed, XML and Zlib-Support built into your PHP.

PHP should be compiled with support for https (openSSL) and cURL.

PHP Safe Mode should be turned off.

3.2      Client Requirements

This module can run well on major browsers such as: Internet Explorer (version 9+), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. JavaScript must be activated

4.1      Download

After purchasing our product, you’ll see the download link at JUX Background Slider product page:


NOTE: if there is any problem, Please contact us via Support: http://www.joomlaux.com/support/contact-us.html


Modules mod_jux_background_slider.zip

4.3. Installation

Go to Administrator site => “Extension”=> “Extension Manager” in the Top Menu.

In “Upload Package File” block, please upload & install our extensions: Browse the JUX background slider folder, select mod_jux_background_slider.zip then choose Upload and install.

Figure1: Extension Manager


You can configure for slider as on/off auto play, choose effect type, enter start time for image slide , overlay opacity... easy

                                                                                                     Figure2: Slider configuration


Autoplay Start background slider on page-loading
Slide Interval Changing time between 2 slides in milliseconds
Effect Tyle Controls which effect is used to transit between slides
Effect Speed Speed of Effect in milliseconds
Start Slide The slide with which the slider starts on
Random Slides Slides are shown in a random order. Start Slide is disregarded
Stop Loop Pauses slider upon reaching the last slide
Overlay Select overlay for background Slider
Overlay Opacity Enter overlay opacity. It have value: 0 to 1


You can set control as position, show/ hide control bar, control slider by keyboard.... control  configuration which you want

                                                                                                       Figure 4: Control configure

Position Control Set position for control
Arrow Navigation Toggles forward/backward arrow navigation. When yes, next/previous arrow button will be generated
Show Control Bar Show / Hide the control bar. When SHOW, Random Slides will be disregarded.
Play Button Toggles play button on the slider’s control bar
Slide Counter Toggles slide counter on the slider’s control bar
Show Slide Bullet Show / Hide the slide’s bullet.
Thumb Links Generates a list of thumb links that jump to the corresponding slide
Mouse Scrub Toggle effect Thumbnails move with mouse
Progress Bar Toggles progress bar of the transition between 2 images
Progress Bar Color Set the background color of the Progress bar
Keyboard Navigation Allows controlling navigation via keyboard


Figure 5: Supersized Advanced Options

Fit Always  Prevents the image from ever being cropped. Ignores minimum width and height
Fit landscape                                   Prevents the image from being cropped by locking it at 100% width.
Fit Portrait Prevents the image from being cropped by locking it at 100% height.
Horizontal Center Centers image horizontally. When turned off, the images resize/display from the left of the page.
Vertical Center Centers image vertically. When turned off, the images resize/display from the top of the page.
Performance Uses image rendering options in Firefox and Internet Explorer to adjust image’s quality. This can speed up/slow down transitions. Webkit does not support these options yet.


You can on/off audio or audio random for slider, enter externals links and title for music.

NOTE:  you  must enter music  links the tail .mp3 

Figure 6: Audio Configure

Audio  Can choose On/Off audio
Audio random Can choose On/ Off audio random
Exteranal Links Using external Link. You can enter URL and title for audio.
NOTE: music use the tail mp3


You can custom Css  and On/off query for  your slider. 

Figure 7: Advanced Options

Custom Css Custom CSS template
Enable JQuery On/Off jQuery loader. Turn it off if your site already has jQuery loaded
Enable noConflict On/Off noConflict. Turn it on to prevent conflict with Joomla’s Mootools
Module Class Suffix A suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the module. This allows individual module styling


You can view frontend of module jux background slider the follow:


Figure 8: Overlay for Kenburns Effect type

Figure 9: Carousel Random


Figure 10: Fade effect Type


Figure 11: Without Music Type