JUX CSS3 Mega Menu

1.1. What is  CSS3 Mega Menu 

Often used on e-commerce or large scale websites, mega menus are becoming more and more popular as they offer an effective solution for displaying a lot of content while keeping a clean layout.

JoomlaUX’s JUX Mega Menu is a powerful mega menu designed for Joomla site. It helps you bring pictures, videos or even modules onto a submenu.

CSS3 Mega Menu is Mega Menu which support you style for your mega menu easier with various options such as: Choose Orientation,show/hide Sticky, the algnment, background, color, padding, magrin, Animation effect for dropdown. Select Hide, dropdown type or Off Canvas Type for Menu for small screen size.

NOTE: You can’t  create two module CSS3 Mega Menu on 1 page.

1.2. Features


Use Gradient style for Mega Menu Screen_frontend Screen_frontend

Use Mega Menu in vertical position. Off Canvas Type for Menu for small screen size Dropdown Type for Menu for small screen size


backend backend backend

Our extension has several system requirements as follow:

PHP should be compiled with support for https (openSSL) and cURL.

PHP Safe Mode should be turned off.

Client Requirements

This module can run well on major browsers such as: Internet Explorer (version 10+), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari.


4.1.  Download

After purchasing our product, you’ll see the download link at JUX CSS3 Megamenu product page: http://www.joomlaux.com/download.html

Note: If there is any problem, please contact us via Support : http://www.joomlaux.com/forum/index.html

4.2.  Package

The installation package that you downloaded to your computer. You’ll see these files:


pkg_jux_ css3_megamenu

4.3.  Installation

Go to Administrator site / “Extensions”/ Extension Manager in the Top menu.

In “upload package file” block, please upload & install our extensions:

Browse the JUX CSS3  Mega Menu folder, select pkg_jux_css3_megamenu.zip then choose upload and install

Figure 1: Extension Manager


Figure 2: Backend for Top Menu

Menu theme

Choose one of the style for your Menu

NOTE: You can custom CSS

Select Menu

Select a menu for module to show

Start level

Level to start rendering the menu at. Setting the start and end levels to the same # and setting “Show Sub- menu Items” to yes will only display that single level.

End Level

Level to stop rendering the menu t. If you choose “all”, all levels will show depending on “ show sub-menu items’ setting


Choose Horizontal or Vertical Menu

Submenu Direction

Direction for submenu, default is Down, if you use the mega menu at bottom of page, you can use direction Up.(NOTE: if you choose Horizontal for Orientation).

Default is left to right. If place vertical mega menu to the right, this should be right to left (NOTE: if you choose Vertical for Orientation).


Show Module

Show/hide your module in off canvas or dropdown when resize browser to a low resolution or view on a smartphone

Sticky Menu

Show/Hide sticky menu on desktop

Sticky menu Alignment

Menu will set alignment left or right or center (NOTE: If Show Sticky menu)


Animation effect for dropdown of Mega menu CSS3

Animation Duration(ms)

Animation effect duration for dropdown of Mega Menu CSS3( in milseconds)

Menu Alignment

The alignment of menu: Left- Right- Center.

Responsive Menu

If yes, The menu will collapse to a ‘Navigation’ menu item when resize browser to a low resolution or view on a Smartphone.

Mobile tablet

Select off Canvas or Dropdown type on mobile and tablet ( NOTE: If Choose Responsive Menu)


NOTE:  You only configure this tab when choose Custom CSS for Theme Menu

You can select background style is Flat or Gradient and choose color after that. You can change size of margin, padding for menu item on Top Menu. Further more, If you like your menu have radius, you just need to enter pixels number in border radius.

Figure 3: Backend for Top Menu

Figure 4:frontend for Top Menu


Background Style

Choose a background style

Background Color

Set background color for Top Menu


Set Border for Top Menu


Set padding for Top Menu


Set margin for Top Menu

Border Radius

Set Border radius for Top Menu


NOTE:You only configure this tab when choose Custom CSS for Theme Menu

You can design for Dropdown Menu in this tab. You can set color for background, border. Set padding, margin, padding, border radius and box shadow for it.

Figure 5: Backend for Dropdown Menu

Figure 6: frontend of Dropdown Menu


Background Style

Choose a background style

Background Color

Set background color for Dropdown  Menu style


Set Border for Dropdown  Menu style


Set padding for Dropdown  Menu style


Set margin for Dropdown  Menu style

Border Radius

Set Border radius for Dropdown  Menu style

Box Shadow

Set box Shadow for Dropdown Menu style.


 NOTE: You only configure this tab when choose Custom CSS for Theme Menu

You can changes color for text or background of Menu Item and select other color when hover on it.

Figure 7 : Backend for Menu Items

Figure 8: Frontend for Menu Items


Hover background Color

Set hover background color


Set Border


Set padding


Set Margin

Text Color

Set color for text

Hover Text Color

Set text color when hover


You can custom css for Mega Menu in here

Custom CSS

Custom CSS

Module ID

The id of the module, if you use multiple JUX Mega Menu modules on the same page, you have to make sure this field is different for each modules.

Enable Bootstrap

Enable Bootstrap(

NOTE: when your site still haven't bootstraps yet, please enable it. And usually enable bootstraps when using yoo_ template )

Enable jQuery

On/Off jQuery loader/ Turm it off your site alrady have jQuery loader

Enable noConfict

A suffix to be applied to the CSS class if the module. This allown individual module stying.

NOTE: when CSS3 Mega Menu have the problem with yootheme template, you can refer the solutions

How to fix JUXMega Menu display at Drop-down menu on YooTheme template


After you install our CSS3 Mega Menu, each of a menu item will have an additional parameter pack which named Parameters (JUX Mega Menu CSS3). Please note that in this section, we’ll call “current Menu Item” as the item that the parameter is being set

NOTE: when set for Submenu Columnb[i] width, Please don't enter space between them. example: write right: colw1=822 and write wrong: colw1 = 822

Figure 9: Backend for Menu Item Parameters


Show title

Show/hide Title

Font Awesome

Set icon for Menu item

Item Description

Description added here will be shown as the tag line below the Menu Item title. Work for all level of menu

Tooltip Type

Show tooltip type for this menu item, default is Global in “Link Type options/Link Title Attribute” option, select HTML tooltip to create a HTML Tooltip content

Tooltip Content

HTML Tooltip content for this menu item when you selected “HTML Tooltip” for “Tooltip Type” option


Number of Column that the sub-items of this Menu-item will be divided into.


If set to Yes, This menu Item will display with all the direct sub-items of it.

Submenu Width

Set the width of the Submenu of this Menu Item.

Submenu Column Width

Default width for each Submenu’s column (If you do not enter value, it will display with default value: 200px)

Submenu Column[i] width

Specify width for individual column. Please use format the same as below:





Additional class

Additional CSS class to apply to this menu item.

Submenu Alignment

Set “Auto” to make submenu align automatically, set a specific alignment value to make it align by your choice

Submenu Content

Choose content to show in submenu of this menu item. You can select module position or module

Position Dropdown

You can enter number px for top, left, bottom or right, for dropdown. Example: top:5px;




Our Mega Menu use “Font Awesome” that set for a Menu Item as the icon. You can add icon for your Menu Item by following these steps:

1.     Go to link : http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

2.     Find icon you like and copy name of it, and paste in Font Awesome in parameters. 

Example: Icon for Home Item.

You will find it as image below in fortawesome.github.io

You only copy words fa-home and paste it on Font Awesome in Paramters

Figure 10:  add icon for menu item

Figure 11: Show icon for Menu Item



After you installed Mega Menu, the menu hasn’t showed as a complete Mega Menu yet. It will display similar to a regular dropdown menu:

Figure 12: display default for Dropdown Menu


If you configure for Monday is group. All child of it will display as image below:

Figure 13: Display Child of Menu Item if choose Group

This is configure in backend for Monday Item

Figure 14: select group for Menu item in parameters

If you want your menu have multiple columns on One Row as image follow:

Figure 15:  Divided multiple columns

Please configure for they the below:

MegaMenu + Descriptions have to 4 childs respectively: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday can have/ have not child.

Step1: Configure for Mega Menu + Description as image below

 Step 2: Configure for each Child of “MegaMenu + Descriptions”

This configure for Monday (with Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you can configure same)

Step 3: If Monday have child. You can configure it as image below:



If you want have multiple rows for your menu, you can follow the steps as below.

At here I have Mega Content will have 2 rows as image:

 Step 1:

 Step 2: Configure for mega_content 1(Mega_content 2 will configure same)

(NOTE: You have to hide Title of Mega_content1(Mega_content 2)

NOTE: with Menu item as From The Blog, Advertisment, Contact … you can configure same "Divided multiple columns on one Rows"


Step1: Create a Menu item, that you want to load module

Step2: In the Menu Type selecting windows, please choose the External URL in the system Link group

Step3: Select Modules for Submenu Content


6.4. Loading embedded video

Please view this video:

Please view this video folow:

Use theme menu is various vintage 

Use Flat style for Mega Menu

Use Gradient style for Mega Menu

Use Mega Menu in vertical position.


  Configure Margin, padding, Radius for Top Menu


Use Box shadow for Dropdown Menu

 Off Canvas Type for Menu for small screen size

 Dropdown Type for Menu for small screen size