JUX Facebook Page Extension Documentation

1. Introduction

The Like Box is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. The Like Box enables users to:







3. How to use

For using our JUX FacebookPage, you need to perform these tasks steps by steps:

  1. Install JUX FacebookPage

  2. Configuration

1. Preparing

  1. Download the package to your computer.

2. Installation

  1. Go to your administrator site

  2. Select “Extensions” => “Extension Manager” in the Top Menu



  1. In "Upload Package File" block, please Upload & Install the following extension:

  2. mod_jux_facebookpage x.x.x.zip (Choose the exact version that matches your Joomla version: 3.0). This is REQUIRED

Basic Options

After creating Facebook Application we have an API Key and setting these configurations as follow:


Api Key

API Key of facebook application.

Facebook Page URL

The URL of the Facebook Page for this Like Box .


The width of the box in pixels .


The height of the box in pixels .


Language Selection.

Show Faces

Specifies whether or not to display profile photos in the module.

Color Schreme

The color scheme of the plugin. Note that the background is always transparent to match your background color. This setting changes the foreground colors to work well on light or dark backgrounds.


Specifies whether to display a stream of the latest posts from the Page's wall.


Specifies whether to display the Facebook header at the top.

Show Border

Specifies whether or not to show a border around.


VIDEO TUTORIAL: This is video tutorial how to configure JUX Facebook Page extension